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Since the millennium, e-commerce has taken more and more space in our buying behavior and when it comes to “store death” where large chains put down their business, the web has become a way to survive. But there are also great opportunities to sell online for those who have the right idea, hard work, and patience.

Although many who offer platforms for e-commerce or sell services to create a business online say that it is “really easy”, I claim they are not really honest. More about this in future posts.

Online sales

There are lots of channels if you want to start using the web for sale. Everything depends a little on what you want to achieve with your business concept. If you are a private person, it is perhaps Ebay that applies or one of all buy/sell groups on Facebook. If you are, on the other hand, a company or are about to start one, then the opportunities will increase. Of course, it is possible to use the mentioned channels to make your brand look more, but I think that an online store is a good start.

Many platforms also offer the possibility to sync your range in the online store with, for example, trader so you do not have to update your range in several places. The opportunities are hardly fewer, but the competition becomes so.

Platforms to sell on

Clearly, it is WordPress with WooCommerce which is the most popular platform for small and medium-sized online stores. Especially because it is completely free in the first stage. The only thing that is required is a domain name and web host. You do not need to have the technical knowledge, but most web hosting companies offer a “one-click” installation that takes a few minutes.

There are also other free options like Prestashop and Magento, but these require more technical knowledge. And then you have companies that offer online stores that are subscription-based. The opportunities to sell online are great. Much depends on how much time you have to sit with the configuration of the platform and how large the store you intend to have.

I myself have worked with both rental solutions and opensource such as Prestashop and Woocommerce. And that is the pros and cons of basically every way. This I write more about in a future post.

Can everything be sold?

Does it work to sell anything online? In principle, it is possible to do so and we read every day about new industries that succeed online. It is no longer just books that are sold but now you can buy houses or cars online. You do not have to stand in line at the grocery store and you can avoid the gym with training online. (Although I prefer the local gym).

The first step to selling online

If you start from the idea that “I want to make money from selling something” then you will most likely fail. You will succeed better if you are passionate about something and you also think that others do it. So start by making a simple analysis of your idea. Google is the perfect start for your e-commerce journey.

  • How does the competition look like?
  • Is there an interest in your product?
  • Costs for being able to deliver your products?

By asking yourself a number of questions, you will quickly see if your idea is up to date. And try to be as honest as you can with yourself. It is easy to believe too hard on their idea and start rounding up because it feels better. If you read that you can sell for $ 10,000 a day, lower your ambitions and requirements. Starting from $ 1,000 and selling more than that, you should be satisfied.

Setting goals that will be difficult to achieve will only make you sad. Just how the goals look, you decide only what they are possible to achieve. And that they are timed. Measurable results will give you an advantage in your planning.

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