Where To Get Royalty Free Music

There are plenty of places where you can find music that is royalty free. Here’s a list where I uploaded my music. So far, I’m driving a non-exclusive business, which means that the music I create is on multiple websites and markets.

The reason I chose this way is to spread my music in as many places as possible. All customers do not have accounts on all sites. Instead, they may choose one or two sites when looking for Royalty free music. In the future, I may run exclusive songs that are available only on a particular site. But that will be in the future.

Now I’m focusing on writing as much music as possible and this is the easiest way for me now.

Where To Get Royalty Free Music


Pond5 is the place I start by uploading my music. It certainly takes 10-20 days before they are available for sale, but I like the website and it’s easy to find.

Motions Elements

Motion Elements is primarily at the Asian market. They also have a good website where you can quickly find what you are looking for. The waiting time to get up your music is not long, max day or two.


Productiontrax is the fastest website. Visitors can find your song right after you finish uploading and editing data. However, there is a lack of statistics. I do not see how many people viewed or listened to my works, I only see when someone bought something.

What does Royalty free Music cost?

All three websites mentioned above are similar. I see that many “colleagues” do like me and put up the same song in several places. The advantage of all the websites I mentioned is that you can decide which price you want to put on your music. Of course, you want to pay as much as possible, but at the same time you want to sell as much as possible.

The advice I received and found online is to not be too cheap and sell you out. Believe in yourself and take relevant payment without exaggerating. See what others have taken and spend the same amount. If the visitor thinks your song is good and fits their ideas, probably the price is not the most important.


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