Wedding Video Songs

It’s very popular to create a video from their wedding and give away to their guests. Since it is a memory for life for many and a party you wont forget, a video collage is a great idea. And with wedding video songs, the movie can be even better.

My plan is to create a number of wedding video songs to suit all sorts of genres. It should be beautiful but still happy tones. Sometimes the risk may be a bit melancholic. But you want a tear in your eye when you watch wedding vigil and think back to that particular day.

So what does wedding video songs contain?

In my world, all the fine songs will contain a piano and preferably strings. I’m very weak for oboe, which I think is very beautiful. However, maybe that sound may be too sad and you do not want it to be. You want to make it at a slow pace. But a wedding usually always has a party and then ballads do not work. Instead, you should have party music that fits well in the video. There I have also written some material that can fit in the context. It’s all about trying out and seeing what works. The best thing about the Stock Music pages is that you can download a watermark preview before downloading a real version. I think this is really good before you finish your wedding video.

How long will a wedding video be?

Even if you want all day on the video, it may be a little too much to sit on the couch and look through everything. I think 20 minutes to half an hour is good length of the video. Then you can get everything and those who look do not get tired. Varying short clips and fast transitions with slightly longer scenes and gradients. This also applies to the music. Mix the fast songs with calm depending on the scene and the time of the wedding is all about.

Check out my Pond5 library to see if any songs are suitable for your wedding video.

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