Heavy Metal In The Studio

This week I’ve been working on a new track in a genre I’m not usually composing. I’m listening a lot on metal and other rock genre’s but I’m a keyboard guy, not a long-haired guitar dude.

Anyway, the song is uploaded to pond5 and other stock music sites. Hopefully it will make some people to license it for their projects. I think it will fit video shots on sports, or extreme things like skiing from Mount Everest or something.

The drums are made with mtdrummer2 which is completely free. The module reminds a lot about ezdrummer but with minor differences. You have no way of changing the drum or changing the microphone. and you can not import or expand midikit to get more grooves. but since I do not need this, the plugin is absolutely superb.

Will I do more metal?

much depends on how this will be received. If I get good feedback and many listen and use it, I will surely write more melodies with hard guitars and aggressive riffs.

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