Epic Adventure

I wrote Epic adventure almost 10 years ago to a corporate movie. The company had a kickoff and had played paintball.

This had been filmed and they wanted a video to share to their employees. This song became intro to that movie and was very appreciated. The song is nothing unique but it still has a nice sound and you get the epic movie vibes many are looking for. This tune fits everything from movie trailers to video games.

To write such music I think is really fun. It’s not really my genre since I mostly do dance floor music but I like trying new things. And now there will be a couple of songs a month. However, I have updated my library of strings, violins and orchestra sounds. In the future, I hope it will sound even better.
That I call it for Epic Adventure is mostly that it feels a bit “Survivor” over the melody and adventure awaits you. Download a preview on Pond5 and try it yourself.

What have I used for plugins for Epic Adventure?

I worked at that time in Cubase, which was my favorite program. In addition to the plugins that I included, I also used a musical instrument called Orchestral made by EDIROL. Then I thought that was how awesome for the money it cost and what I could afford. This is no longer available, and now I use Audio & Instruments from Garritan and a lot of sound from the Refx Nexus2 Dance Orchestra expansion.

Unfortunately, I no longer have the arrangement on my computer but just the master file. And the sounds that were top notch may not be as good as the sounds available today.

Buy or download preview on the following sites:

Pond5: Click Here

Motion Elements: Click Here

ProductionTrax: Click Here

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