A musical instrument that has become one of my favorites in the past year is the Lethal VST Plugin from LethalAudio.

This is a powerful synth that reminds a lot of Refx Nexus2 and Synthmaster, yet with some great features that are easy to use. Like most of these musical instruments, they build on samples, and it is not possible to modulate the sounds such as Sylenth1. But since I’m more of a “preset”-guy, this is a really good synth.

Lethal Audio

What´s included in Lethal Audio?

This is no groundbreaking software synthesis, but it follows the tradition of romplers. It has a library, apprigator, a TranceGate, a number of filters, etc. etc. No news here. What I like instead of this synth is that it is very easy to work with. Among other things, a quick search function. It’s possible to tweak the sounds a bit and it’s available in a free version. Completely functional and without time limit. You can try it at your pace. I like that.

I had the free version for 6 months before I upgraded.

Expansions to Lethal

Here’s another interesting thing, and that’s their business model. Since other manufacturers have a fixed amount on each expansion, Lethal has a similar subscription service. For $ 9 a month, you get all the expansions they leave in the meantime. And they will release a new expansion every month. This is really good, I think. The expansions may vary in quality however, and may not suit your genre. But every month I get new sounds that I can be inspired by. And there is always something to build on.

lethal audio expansion


With a price of $ 199 + $ 108 for all expansions, I think this is a very competent and affordable synth. I have used Lethal Audio in almost every arrangement I made last year. If you do not want to spend any money on Nexus2 then watch an extra time at Lethal Audio.

What do you think about Lethal? Feel free to comment.