How To Make Money On Music Online

Doesn’t Everyone wants to make money on music? Or anyway get compensation when played on Youtube, radio or streaming services.

Today it’s easier than ever to get your music released online and get paid for it. The difficulty is to get enough listening and plays.

So, how to make money on music?

Do you have a song you want on streaming services like Spotify, Youtube Music or tidal? Then I recommend an aggregator called amuse. This relatively newstarted music publisher / record company will help you totally free to upload your songs online. They don’t charge you any extra fees. Instead all royalties coming to you as an artist. They have a business model that if you starting to get really good spin on the songs they can offer you a record deal. Then you get even more muscles and opportunities to make your songs play even more. Read about their deal and secret algorithm at

When you get your songs online, it’s important to spread the word. Get as many as possible to find your songs. Get them on playlists. This is a strong success factor and provides quick ripples on the water. If you have a facebook page this is a great place. It may even be worth marketing your songs with audience-targeted advertising?

Do not count on any streams if you just release ONE song. The more songs you have available, bigger chance they will find you.

What else are you good at?

In addition to writing and producing songs that end up on Spotify, I also do background music, or “corporate stock music”. This is today the channel I get the most revenue from. Mostly because those who want to use my music is paying a bigger amount of money ($ 20-50) per song. Even here, it’s all about marketing. Maybe not a Facebook page is the best place for marketing, but display advertising and google AdWords can work better if you look at paid marketing.
There are a lot of sites you can upload your songs, but pond5 is one of the bigger ones I use.

My tip

Do not be exclusive at the beginning. Put your songs everywhere you can. Even on sites you do not get money (like Soundcloud). In the beginning it’s about getting fans and listeners. And we do not make music for money and celebrity, but because it’s fun? Isn’t so?

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