Best DAW For Beginners

I have written and produced music for almost 25 years. And I’ve used the computer as a tool since 1995. I’ve tried lots of programs and here’s my personal favorite when it comes to the best DAW for beginners.

I started music on my computer with an Atari 1040 and Steinberg Pro24. At the time, this was a very advanced program and not a good DAW for beginners. You who remember Fasttracker will recognize the user interface.

Then something happened. The entire workflow and interface changed and all manufacturers copied each other. Today, in principle, all DAWs look the same. Today, it’s all that features that would be different.┬áSome have built-in autotune. Most programs have a whole bunch of effects that sound a little different (depending on the manufacturer)

But if you are new to making music using your computer, it’s easy to get lost in all commands and features. Therefore, I recommend starting a light version of the music program. In addition, these entry models are usually free but still give you the opportunity to test and see if the program is something for you.

What should you use your DAW for?

Are you completely uninterested with all the digital synthesizsrs available? Should you use your DAW solely as a source of song and guitar? Then you probably do not have to think so much about whether the program is capable of midi or not (Which, in principle, everyone does today anyway). Or is the fat house music you want to start with?

Many say FL studio when talking about EDM and house music. This DAW dominates the dance scene and is finally available to MAC.

Pro Tools is (or was) the music program when it came to pure recording. This was a very expensive program, but is finally available for free. However, drenched but fully capable.

The program I think has grown and gotten really good is Studio One from Presonus. Now version 4 has come and I dare say that it finally fits all genres. Of course, the free version lacks some great features. You can not load VST instruments or effects. However, are you looking for a recording program, with a channel strip and some effects, – Get the free version. You also have the advantage of trying the full version for 30 days before deciding.
Great DAW for beginners Studio One

What about Cubase, Logic & Garageband?

Personally, I have never been really pleased with Logic and Garageband. I have not found the flow I have with Studio One. Cubase was my favorite for many years but when they invested more on the graphical interface than features I was looking forward to changing. And I do not regret it.

because whether you want to use your DAW to write songs, mix songs or produce songs, Studio One is perfect for this. And if you’re a person who does all that, you’ve got the package in a single program. There’s even a mastering part if you’re going to release your songs yourself. (full version only).

Tutorials for beginners

On YouTube there are thousands of videos for beginners. So it’s easy to get started with your music creation. Each manufacturer also has very good forums to start with. Most are very helpful when answering their questions. And no question is too stupid. And if you get a DAW capable of VST instrument then I have listed 7 good plugins that are free.

Which DAW do you think is good for beginners? Do you agree with me or am I wrong?



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