Writing Music Competition?

I have read a lot about Melodic Math this week. Something like Max Martin uses a lot of.

This secret formula is not so complicated because verses and chorus is based on repetitions. And that the melody has a particular structure.

This is nothing I have knowledge of yet but should try to write a song this way. On Youtube, there is so much information on “songwriting” and everyone has something to say. The most important thing is nevertheless to find your thing – and work on it.
There I’ve been really bad – after every song I “get tired” and want to try something else.

I have started a distance education in songwriting, where I hope to get inspiration to develop my songwriting and create hits.
The disadvantage is that it is not enough today.
Today, everything is more than a tune. Just watch the Eurovision Song Contest – it’s hardly the song anymore competing. ALL that matters is a good show on TV more than a great song.
Song – Artist – Performance – Fans etc etc.

The record companies then?

The record companies of today are the same way. Their demands are very big today – and of course it is. They are companies who want and will make money.

However, any of the benefits of record companies is that the way to be played on the biggest playlists on Spotify & on the radio is much easier. But for today, it does not help to just send a demo with a good song. Today, they need so much more.

You need to stand out. Then have a pretty big facebook page, Youtubekanal or something that you can build on.

Music publishers?

The same applies to the Music Publishers. Today there are so many who write good music so to have a single chance at the publishers, then you should go through an artist who then gets a fat hit on your own song. Then maybe you’re probably interesting for music publishers.

So what do you do as a small songwriter from Sweden with dreams of any kind of music career (more than what has been achieved so far)? You continue to dream, write and produce more songs, then send back to music publishers again. And in the last case, I release it myself as “Songs By Bengtsson Vol.2”.


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