Music Catalog

Now I have begun to build a library of “Stock Music”, “Corporate Music” or whatever you want to call it.

Some songs have I posted on Soundcloud.

My idea is to try to create at least 10 items per month, which not would be an impossibility. The libraries that seem most popular are Pond5 & AudioJungle. They seem a bit hard with what’s good or bad, so some music tracks are sure being rejected. I just like to like the situation and move on to the next idea.

What’s fun about this is that you can make any song in any genre at any time. Because there’s always a project that the melody can “fit” into. For example, I did a very basic eurodance song this weekend, 60 seconds 90s with all that means. Hardly a hit – but it can fit in its context. A sequence in a TV series where someone enters a disco. A trailer for almost 90s or anything. It will be fun and see if it’s picked up by anyone.


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