Background Music By Bengtsson

I have begun to create background music and music for advertising. Everything really started by listening to the Swedish radio program “Morgonpasset i P3” and they discussed the “Advertising” the party Moderaterna did about Göteborg.

It turned out they took a clip from a burning car in Canada and not Gothenburg. But what I stuck for was the simple music that lay in the background. And with simple, I do not mean it was simple, but it did not happen much in the music.

This made me think of all the ideas I have in the computer and that never gets anything. There’s no verse, chorus etc etc. I’m using these ideas now and see if they can be background music material.

It would be fun to get some songs on an advertisement, TV show or TV series. (Film for that matter). I sat last night and began to build something up and after 2 hours I had a 2 minute background loop that works for most programs. I hope I can mix it tonight.

In the spring I will build my library around this and create a page for this – so everyone will be able to invest in some “Music By Bengtsson”.

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