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If you don’t have an account on social media platforms, you do not exist. That’s the reality today and you just have to like the situation.

I have been to social accounts since the MP3 scene and the Internet were born. It feels like that. Of course, songs were posted on and later MySpace. Nowadays, it may be soundcloud, Spotify and YouTube that apply. In any case, one must be seen and ideally wherever the “fans” exist.

Now I do not want fans because I’m not an artist who needs a lot of likes. I want to write songs to artists who can then be seen on all social platforms. But I feel a lot about Soundcloud. This platform I use to send ideas to my colleagues I’m writing music with. There they can quickly stream the idea if they are out on adventure or if they want to load it and continue on it.

Social channels

Now that Robert and I have started writing songs together, we start to think about whether we should use platforms like Soundcloud, Instagram & Facebook to market us as songwriters. And is it possible to “create” a name that way as songwriter?

Either way, we need material that we can post. We have started a little with the Snurp project, where we have both written and performed the songs. These are now on Spotify, Youtube & Soundcloud. So with small steps, we begin to get some content to show up.

One disadvantage of music is that you would like to show what you have done in the studio, but at the same time you do not want to play it because there is a risk that no artist wants to release the song already heard. For example, you can not submit to the Swedish Melody Festival if we release the song on Soundcloud & YouTube.


I have created a new account on Soundcloud where we will slowly add songs we’ve written together. Right now, there are the two singles we released on Spotify & YouTube. But in the future we will upload both clips and other songs that we will create.

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