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What music program do I use when writing and producing music? And where can you get it?

I sometimes get the question what music program I use when writing and producing music. Today, there are many different digital audio workstation (DAWs), all of which are working the same way, and it’s simply a matter of finding one that you enjoy.

Cubase, ProTools, Logic, Garageband are some used to create music. I, after being faithful Steinberg Cubase for many years, have switched to Presonus Studio One. And I’m very pleased. The working method is wonderful, as many are “drag&drop” functions. It’s an easy-to-understand interface and it’s stable. It almost never crashes.

And have you worked in Logic or Cubase before and are used to all the shortcuts, so there are complete settings so you can use your working method just as usual. The new version of Studio One also has very creative ways to write music and you may want to try different arrangements. A picture says more than 1000 words and a video says even more so you have a few minutes left so check out the video below that quickly describes Studio One.

Instruments & Effects

With most DAWs, it comes with a set of instruments and effects, and Studio One is no exception. I think they are of high quality and I use them often in my productions. Now I have invested in the biggest version but even in the smaller versions follow really good plugs with. And the best thing is that you have the opportunity to try for 30 days before turning to what I think you should do. Download your trial version here:

The only thing I miss which is understandable when they are competitors is that I would like to be able to import my old songs I made in cubase to Studio One in an easy way. Today, it’s a bit difficult to find out what synth and sound you used, etc.

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