7 VST plugins that are free

I have found and looked at 7 VST plugs that do not cost a buckle and which I think is awesome.

There are lots of synthesizers and effects (VST plugins) out there on the web that do not cost anything. They are also really good. Now we do not talk piracy, but I’m talking about “freeware”.The PC world is still dominating this, so as a MAC user, I’m looking for a little extra to find the gold grain, but they are there.

Here are 7 VST plugins I use often and are free to use. A VST plugin is an plug-in for your music application.

01. T-Force Alpha Plus Advanced Trance Synthesizer

Awesome synth that gives real moody sound to Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta and others. Fat sounds and trancegates make it a really good Lead synth in your productions. Unfortunately, only so far for PC so I can not use it anymore, but used often before switching to MAC.(http://bedroomproducersblog.com/2015/06/27/mastrcode-music/)

02. 4Front Bass

A simple bass plugin that does its job. You can not change anything but is simply a sampled straight bass. I use this much at the beginning of when I write & arrange songs in the pop segment. It often happens that it remains in the final production. Available for both PC & MAC (http://www.yohng.com/software/bass.html)

03. 4Front Piano

Just like the bass plug, this is a very simple piano sound that may not be the best piano sound, but it does its job, does not take any processing power and is quick to load when you need to play some piano on your computer. (PC & MAC)(http://www.yohng.com/software/piano.html)

04. Synth1

One of the synthesizers that may be most famous. Synth1 is a “clone” of Clavia Nordlead2 and is so cruel. I’m probably using this in everything I do, sometimes like Leadsynth, cool bass or subtle carpets in the background. The disadvantage is just that the sound banks never end. 🙂
There are 10’s of sound to download online and sometimes you can get lost in the jungle. But is there any synth you should have in your arsenal, it’s this. Available for both PC & MAC (http://www.kvraudio.com/product/synth1-by-ichiro-toda)

05. Addictive Drums 2

If you need live drums, this is the plug for you. And to be a demo version, I use it occasionally to lay the groundwork or as a jamming partner when I write songs.(http://www.kvraudio.com/product/addictive-drums-2-by-xln-audio)

06. Free Alpha

A synth of the company Linplug, which has existed since 2000, is a light version of its big brother, but still does its job. Even this is used extensively in my productions and is heard here and there in my remixes. Well worth downloading and available for PC & MAC (http://www.linplug.com/alpha.html)

07. Superwave P8

Yet another synth, I unfortunately could not take with me from the PC world and which I sometimes miss when making music, but you who have Windows in my can, I think you should load because you will benefit from it. It has a few years on the neck but clearly worth home.(http://www.superwavesynths.co.uk/product_p8.htm)

Bonus: Propellerheads Rebirth

This is certainly not the category VST plugins, since it is a standalone program, yet – How about 2 TB-303, one TR-808 & one TR-909 in the same program? These legendary bass drums & drummers were used to a lot of comebacks during the late 90’s when the 303 was properly plated and used extensively in most songs made for the dance floor (Sakin & Friends, Nello, etc.). Now Propellerheads has released it for free for PC and is available for download on its Ipad (though it costs a turn there). Nothing I use anymore when I have a TB-303 clone as hardware, but also that I did not write anything the latest I need the “sound”. But I still think it should be on the list.(http://www.kvraudio.com/product/rebirth-rb-338-by-propellerhead-software/details)

What VST plugins do you use when creating and writing music? Do you think I missed any synth I should have when I create songs? Feel free to give feedback as I’m constantly looking for new sounds for my tracks.

There is a place online I always start when I’m looking for new sounds & effects and it’s KVRaudio. There you will find answers most of the time. Many official accounts from the major manufacturers are there and usually answer your questions. They have a cool top list that is constantly updated as I think you should visit.(http://www.kvraudio.com/plugin-ranks.php?show=50)

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